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Concrete Riprap

Also referred to as Rip Rap, Rip-Rap, Shot Rock, Rock Armor, or Rubble, Riprap is human-placed rock or other material used to protect shoreline structures against scour and water, wave, or ice erosion.


Riprap is made from oversized boulders that are broken to size with a hydraulic breaker and can be screened on specialized equipment to achieve a specified size or gradation. Stone products which are approximately 5 inches and larger are sometimes thought of as Riprap; however, 12 inches and larger are much more common.


Smaller-sized Riprap is used commonly in inshore environments as well as in rivers, lakes and streams for shoreline revetment, bridge abutments, or outflows, while larger Riprap is mainly used in the marine environment for use in building jetties, breakwaters, and similar structures.


Gulf Coast Limestone can produce custom Riprap of any size to meet the requirements of all types of projects and to meet the gradation specifications as written by the design engineer. Our Riprap materials are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the Texas Department of Transportation Specifications for TXDOT Protection Riprap.

• Erosion Control
• Bank Stabilization
• Stacked Walls

• Silt Traps
• Foundational Infrastructure Support
• Jetty Construction

Not sure if Riprap is the right material for you? We offer a variety of materials to meet your aggregate needs. Contact our knowledgeable sales team today to discuss your next project!


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