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Limestone Base

Also referred to as Caliche, Road Base, Crushed Stone Base, or Flex Base. Limestone Base is a versatile crushed stone aggregate that can be used in applications ranging from landscaping and other home applications to large-scale road and highway construction. Limestone base is produced to be in 1.5 inches in size down to fines (small particles of rock) and comes in varying, naturally occurring colors such as gray, tan, and light brown. 

When compacted, the combination of limestone rock and fines interlocks to form a dense layer of stone with minimized voids between stones. As the fines settle into the voids and water evaporates from the compacted materials, the remaining minerals act like an adhesive, binding the gravel together. After just a few weeks, limestone base becomes a hardened, long-lasting material that will require minimal maintenance or repairs. 

Limestone base is an economical and aesthetically pleasing choice for driveways, roadways, parking lots, lay down yards, and much more. Gulf Coast Limestone Inc. can fulfill all your material needs for any project small or large, including commercial and industrial construction. All our base materials are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the Texas Department of Transportation Specifications for Type A, Grade 1 flex base.

Advantages of Limestone Base: 
•    Hardness
•    Strength
•    Durability
•    Availability
•    Affordability

•    Stone driveways and roads
•    Foundation support for asphalt pavements
•    Temporary or permanent construction roads
•    Backfill for pipes and other underground utilities
•    Walkways and pathways
•    Backyard patios and landscaping
•    Support pads for cranes and other heavy equipment

Not sure if limestone base is the right material for you? We offer a variety of materials to meet your aggregate needs. Contact our knowledgeable sales team today to discuss your next project! 

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  • Tech Specs Grade 1

    Liquid Limit maximum 35
    Plasticity Index maximum 10
    Wet Ball Mill % maximum 40


    Sieve Size Percent Retained
    1-3/4 inch 0%
    7/8 inch 10-35%
    3/8 inch 30-50%
    No. 4 45-65%
    No. 40 70-85%
  • Tech Specs Grade 2

    Liquid Limit maximum 35
    Plasticity Index maximum 12
    Wet Ball Mill % maximum 47


    Sieve Size Percent Retained
    2-1/2 inch 0%
    1-3/4 inch 0-10%
    No. 4 45-75%
    No. 40 60-85%
  • Tech Specs Grade 3

    Liquid Limit maximum 35
    Plasticity Index maximum 10


    Sieve Size Percent Retained
    2-1/2 inch 0%
    1-3/4 inch 0-10%
    No. 4 45-75%
    No. 40 50-85%
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